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Oil Change

Oil & Filter Service

Synthetic Blend
$59.95 +tax
Full Synthetic
$79.95 +tax

Plus Hazardous Waste Fees

  • Change Oil
  • Replace Oil Filter with Genuine Acura Oil Filter
  • Lubrication
  • 19-Point Vehicle Inspection
  • Electrical & Battery Test
  • Exterior Wash
  • Interior Vacuum
NSX & RDX Additional. Valid only at Acura of Honolulu. Please present coupon when order is written. Not to be used with other coupons. Offer expires 10/31/2017

Brake Special

Brake Special

$229.95 Plus Tax
Most Cars, Includes Resurfacing of Rotors
$389.95 Plus Tax
Vehicles with Brembo Brakes

  • Inspect Calipers & Wheel Cylinders
  • Machine Rotors
  • Replace with Genuine Acura Brake Pads
  • Disposal of All Hazardous Materials
SLX, NSX, & RDX additional. Valid only at Acura of Honolulu. Please present coupon when order is written. Acuras only. Not to be used with other coupons. Offer expires 10/31/17

Performance Chassis Tune

Performance Chassis Tune

$139.95 Plus Tax

  • Use Computerized Equipment To Perform 4 Wheel Alignment.
  • Adjust Tire Air Pressures; Inspect Suspension, Tires, And Wheels.
  • Complimentary Car Wash And Vacuum.
  • Road Test For Quality control.
  • Provide A Computerized Printout.
  • $159.95 Upgrade Includes 12 Months Limited Warranty

Our Money Saving Offers Are Your Tools For Savings! Factory Trained Technicians & Genuine Acura Parts Are The Right Tools For All Your Acura Service Needs!

SLX, NSX, & ROX additional. Synthetic oil is additional. Valid only at Acura of Honolulu. Please present coupon when order is written. Acuras only. Not to be used with other coupons. Hazardous disposal fees, if any, are extra. Offer expires 10/31/17

Major Service

Major Service Special

$499.95 Plus Tax and Hazardous Waste Fees
Was $595.95

Recommended at
30k 60k 90k 120k Miles

  • Change Oil
  • Replace With Up To 5 Qts Oil &
  • Genuine Acura Oil Filter
  • Inspect Front 8 Rear Brakes
  • Inspect Rotors
  • Rotate Tires
  • Check Fluid Levels
  • Check Adjust Clutch Pedal
  • Freeplay (As Necessary)
  • Check & Adjust Tire Pressure
  • Service Transmission
  • Inspect Brake Hoses & Lines
  • Inspect Power Steering Assembly
  • Inspect Suspection Mountain Bolts
  • Inspect Exhaust Piped & Muffler
  • Inspect & Adjust External Drive Belts
  • Inspect & Adjust Parking Brake
  • Replace Air Filter*
  • Inspect Distributor Cap & Roto (if Equipped)
  • Replace All Brake Fluids
  • Service Battery
  • Clear Reservoirs
  • Car Wash & Vacuum
  • Replace Wiper Blade Inserts
  • Replace In Cabin Micro Filter
  • Road Test
  • Certain Models with Need:
  • Adjust Valve Clearance*
  • Inspect Valve Cover Gasket
  • Replace Spark Plugs** (at an additional cost)

*Per manufacturer guidelines.
**Platinum spark plugs additional.

NSX, & RDX additional. Valid only at Acura of Honolulu. This service not required on all models. Please present coupon when order is written. Acuras only. Not to be used with other coupons. Offer expires 10/31/17

Servicing Your Acura is as easy as a Tropical Breeze

Acura has become one brand that accentuates long-lasting performance and incredible luxury for more buyers. These cars can easily stay on the road for hundreds of thousands of miles when they are maintained properly and with the help of the team at Acura of Honolulu in Honolulu, HI you will finally have a chance to have a service center that you can trust.

Oil Change

Is Your Car Thirsty for an Oil Change? Come to Acura of Honolulu for Relief!

Engine oil seems so simple (and it is!) but it can be easy to forget about it as you drive along, mile after mile. But clean, quality oil is the absolute life of your engine, and without a healthy supply, your engine is not getting the "nutrition" it needs!

Tire Rotation

Roll in Style with Fresh Tires

Whether you want to buy new tires for your used car, custom all-season or winter tires for your new Acura model, or you just need a quick tire rotation in Honolulu, Aiea, Mililani, Central Oahu, Waipio, or Kailua, HI, then Acura of Honolulu has what you need.

Our parts department is well stocked with tires, wheels, and rims for whatever your car needs to stay running smoothly on any road. And our service centerĀ is staffed by auto repair experts who can help you find exactly what you need. We can rotate your tires to help maintain an even wear on newer tires, we can re-inflate and patch a flat, and we can swap your summers or all seasons in no time. At Acura of Honolulu, we know that your time is valuable, so we offer fast, convenient, and affordable service.

Want an extra boost of consumer confidence? Explore our New Tire Protection Pledge available at Acura of Honolulu. We're so confident in our prices and our service, that we'll match competitor prices on the brands that we sell, including Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone, and more! Please see page for details.

Once you have your new tires installed, make sure to maximize their life with timely and regular maintenance. Yearly rotations and balances and periodic alignments can help them wear evenly. Additionally, checking the tire pressure once a month and adjusting it as needed can help prevent uneven wear.

If you have a question about the New Tire Program, a specific brand or type of tire, or you'd like a quote, call our parts department at (844) 678-3740 or stop by our Honolulu dealership at 3251 N. Nimitz Hwy. We're always happy to talk tires with our customers.

Brake Repair

Brake-Check Yourself, With Professional Repair

City drivers in the Honolulu, Aiea, Mililani, Central Oahu, Waipio, and Maui, HI areas put their brakes through a lot of daily stress, with the near-constant stop-and-go traffic. And, depending on your driving habits, you could be putting a lot more wear and tear on your brakes than you think.

At Acura of Honolulu, we think that the best defense is a good offense. So even if your Acura model has only seen a few thousand miles, or your used car, truck, or SUV doesn't get driven many miles, don't ignore the signs of worn brakes!

What are the signs? The most obvious is a brake light on the dashboard, alerting you to a potential problem. OtherĀ  signals, more subtle but equally as serious, include a slow-to-respond or "spongy" brake pedal, a grinding or squealing sound when you brake, or a grinding feeling in the steering wheel or brake pedal. If you notice any of the above, or you're questioning your brakes at all, then the damage may already be done. Don't wait. Schedule an appointment at our Acura of Honolulu service center to get your brakes checked. Prevention and early detection could not only extend the life of your brakes, it could mean the difference between a safe stop or a dangerous slide.

Repair isn't the only service your brakes need, as they also need periodic maintenance. With time, your brake fluid can retain water. This water can reduce the boiling point of the brake fluid, and boiling brake fluid can cause big issues in the brake system. Additionally, water can result in the brake lines rusting. This rust can contaminate the brake system and cause the internal seals to fail.

Browse our current Service Specials to see if you could save on brakes or brake repair service at Acura of Honolulu.

Car Batteries

Is Your Car Battery Feeling Tired? Get Charged, at Acura of Honolulu!

Say goodbye to being stranded by your unreliable battery with a fresh new car battery from Acura of Honolulu. Did you know that car batteries do have a shelf life, and most technicians recommend replacing them every three to five years, depending on your driving habits? Even if you think your old battery is chugging along, it's only a matter of time before you find yourself without a charge.

At our Acura service center in Honolulu, HI, we're committed to keeping you on the road. Whether you need to get your current battery checked out or you need a new battery altogether, our parts department has what you need.

Even if you're driving around in a new Acura model, it's important to keep the health of your battery in the back of your mind. If you are a frequent short-distance commuter, your battery won't get the same opportunity to re-charge as a long-distance driver. If you own a used car and aren't sure how old the battery is, get it checked out. It's better to be safe than sorry!

We can also help you prolong the life of your battery with regular service. We can perform terminal cleanings, which clean off all of the corrosion that builds up over time. We then apply a protective coat that prevents the corrosion from returning. This service can also inject new life into a battery that you thought was failing.

Our Honolulu Acura dealership is proud to serve drivers in the Honolulu, Aiea,Mililani, Central Oahu, Waipio and Maui, HI areas for all of their automotive needs. Schedule your next appointment online, or call the service center at (844) 678-3740!

And don't forget to check out our Service Coupons page to see if you could save on your next battery check or replacement!

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When you come into the service center at Acura of Honolulu you will have a staff that is professional, experience, and knowledgeable at your disposal to work at keeping your Acura running how it should. Our staff is ready and able to make sure that your Acura is going to be running for many years to come. Plus, with our service specials you can easily keep more money in your bank account.

Our service center is not only special because of our staff, but especially because of what we can do. Here in our service center we are more than capable of taking care of everything from tire rotation, oil changes, brake repair and everything in between, all with genuine Acura parts from our parts center. With the chance to have everything handled by professionals you will have a chance to have your Acura maintained how it is expected to be.

If you are looking for a service center that will handle every issue that could arise it is time to come on over to Acura of Honolulu in Honolulu, HI where we are truly the premier choice for Acura owners in Honolulu, Waipahu, Mililani, Oahu, or Pearl City. See you soon!

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