Equipping Your Vehicle for Any Roadside Emergency

You can never predict when a vehicle breakdown may occur. However, always being prepared for a roadside emergency can help lessen the stress. In the event of a tire blowout or any other emergency, it is advised to stay as far away from traffic as possible. An emergency kit complete with flares and triangles will come in handy if you cannot get your vehicle away from oncoming traffic. Other essentials to keep in your car include a first aid kit and tool set.

The roadside emergency experts at Acura of Honolulu welcome the opportunity to help you prepare yourself and…
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Best Reasons to Buy a Crossover Vehicle

Unknown a few short decades ago, the crossover vehicle is now one of the most popular car classes on the road today. Its versatility is just one reason for this increased popularity.

Compact and economical compared to their larger SUV counterparts, the crossover vehicle offers drivers plenty of options that are lacking in other vehicle styles. With extra passenger capacity and cargo space, crossovers still manage to deliver luxury options that are lacking in full-size SUVs. They also offer improved fuel efficiency even when towing loads. Crossovers give sedans a run for...

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Should You Clay New Cars?

Here at Acura of Honolulu, we know your car is a big investment and we're here to help you take care of it for many years of lasting beauty.

New cars spend a lot of time sitting before they ever make it to the dealership. They are stored in lots, shipping docks, and other places where they're exposed to industrial waste. They're exposed to more contaminants when they're transported by train and truck.

Claying that new car is a great idea to remove all the grime and dirt your car was exposed to before it made…

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The Effect of Extreme Temperatures on Battery Life

Most drivers just assume that their vehicle’s battery will work whenever it’s needed, but that may not be the case in hot or cold conditions. If you live in or plan to visit an area that experiences extreme heat or cold, keep the following facts in mind.

Heat and cold affect batteries in different ways. Even a seemingly small temperature drop can impact a battery’s ability to produce the charge that’s needed to start a vehicle. At the other extreme, a temperature increase of just 15 degrees reduces the life of the battery by increasing the…

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Simple Yet Effective Tips for Avoiding a Tire Blowout on Your Car

Avoiding a blowout with one of the tires on your car is easy if you know how. Here are a few of the things to lookout for concerning the treads of the tires.

At least weekly if not daily, spend a few minutes scanning the surface of each car tire for obstructions in the treads. Never remove that screw or nail, always have a tire technician take a closer look and remove and plug the hole correctly.

Looking at the tire treads, pay very close attention to things like bulges or cracks....
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Your Starter Might Be Going Out

When your vehicle won't start in the morning when you are heading out for work, it definitely makes you feel depressed. You might assume you have a battery issue, but your car's starter might be bad instead.

Your vehicle has a starter solenoid. This part allows current from the battery to work the starter motor so that your car will turn over. If the starter solenoid is bad, your car will not start. If you hear your starter cranking, but it doesn't turn over, your starter gear is probably not making a connection with the flywheel. If…

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Restoring your headlights

You rely on your headlights to see the road ahead at night, but what do you do when they start to be cloudy or scratched? Our team here at Acura of Honolulu) understand how important it is to keep your car in working order, and here are some tips for restoring your headlights.

The toothpaste that you use on your teeth can also be used to restore your headlights. Apply the toothpaste to the headlights and use a rag and warm water to scrub the lens until it’s cleaned up.


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Common Myths Surrounding Motor Oil

You might have heard a lot of different things about motor oil through the years, and you might be curious to know which things are truth and which are fiction. We are here to clear up some of the common myths about motor oil that you might have been led to believe as truth.

You might have heard that motor oil is for sure bad and ready for a change when it is black in color. That is not always true as the oil will become black from use but the color does not necessarily signify anything bad. You might…
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Car Belts and Hoses Warning Signs of Failure

If the belts and hoses on your vehicle are close to failing, they tend to exhibit warning signs that will give you plenty of time to make the repair, if you know what to look for.

The hoses carry fluids from the engine to other parts and back, and need to be in top shape or leaks and then overheating will occur. The hoses usually will appear to have cracks on the surface or be very brittle. Feel for soft spots or bulges in the rubber too.

Belts must be in top form to easily power parts like the water…
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Knowing When It's Time For Tire Replacement

The place where the “rubber meets the road” is one of the most important for car performance and driver safety. Spotting problems with tires that signal the need for replacements is relatively simple. Every driver in Honolulu should visually inspect their car’s tires on a regular basis, or whenever a change in the “feel” of driving a car shifts suddenly.

One of the simplest visual methods for tire inspection is standing in front of your car, while looking at each tire’s side walls. Any prominent bulges indicate weak spots from wear. Also, take note of the brand lettering…
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