Changing the oil regularly on your vehicle is very important because it will promote better performance and add to the life of the engine. With so many different oil types around today, many drivers are confused as to what their vehicle needs. Synthetic oil and the decision to use it or not is often a topic of discussion among drivers. Come to Acura of Honolulu with all your oil-related questions.

Synthetic motor oil is a special blend of oil made from chemical components. These chemicals result in the oil providing vehicles with the best performance, which can add years of life to a vehicle. While it may cost a little more, many vehicle manufacturers recommend it for many of the newer vehicles. Synthetic motor oil also provides better performance in both high and low temperatures.

Still unsure as to whether your vehicle needs synthetic oil? Pay us a visit at our Honolulu shop and allow our technicians to service your vehicle and advise you on what your vehicle needs for oil.


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