Once a car's tire goes flat, it needs replacing. Will you use a smaller-sized "donut" or a full-sized replacement? There's a big difference between the two.

A donut is a small-sized tire intended as a short-term replacement. Once this tire goes on the car, you need to travel slowly to a tire shop to get a full-size replacement. Donuts have limitations. They can explode at high speeds and are not meant for long-term driving

Some opt to keep full-sized tires in their vehicles. A matching full-sized tire provides an immediate replacement. A non-matching one, often an inexpensive full-sized tire, does not suffer from the same limitations as a donut. However, it would help if you replaced a tire that doesn't match the other three with one that does.

Replace your car's tires at Acura of Honolulu. Our team can help you pick out the right matching tire and install and balance it right away.


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