Applying Touch Up Paint

Having the knowledge and understanding to care for one's vehicle is extremely important to its longevity. At Acura of Honolulu, we strive to impart these skills to our customers and give them the ability to perform minor repairs themselves.

Touching up minor scratches is an important skill to have as it prevents the rusting of the metal underneath and keeps your vehicles appearance at its best. This is done through several easy to understand steps and can be done quickly at home.

  • Get the proper paint by finding your vehicle's factory color code in the owner's manual
  • Clean the scratch with soap and water and remove any rust
  • Judge the severity of the scratch and prep with 220 grit sandpaper
  • If it is deep, first apply a primer and allow it to dry
  • Proceed to use the paint to cover the scratch
  • Give the vehicle 24 hours to let the paint cure and harden

If you aren't comfortable making the repairs yourself, bring your vehicle down to Acura of Honolulu and we'll get them taken care of for you. We are also happy to get them taken care of when you bring your vehicle in for its routine service as well.


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