Keep Your Wheels and Tires Clean

Here in Honolulu, we want you to know how to be educated on how to keep your car super clean so that it maintains its maximum value. When you use your brakes it leaves brake residue on your wheels and tires that can be corrosive to the paint on the wheels and make your car look ugly. Here are some tips for keeping your wheels and tires clean.

Buy Tire Shine, Wheel Cleaner and a Brush

Go to your local auto parts or superstore and buy yourself a little kit for maintaining your wheels and tires.

Clean With Care

?It's easy to take the paint of your car and wheels; make sure that if you are using a power washer that you don't blast the wheels or paint too hard. Scrub the wheels with wheel cleaner and a brush; after you can rinse it off and apply tire shine. Here at Acura of Honolulu, we are always happy to service your vehicle.


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