Service Your Coolant or Radiator at Acura of Honolulu

It's important to know a little bit about your cooling system so that you can know when to have it serviced.

What Is the Cooling System?

Your vehicle is a water-cooled system that uses an anti-freeze liquid called coolant to help reduce the temperature inside the engine. The coolant is pumped through the engine by the water pump, and there are a few different ways that your coolant system can fail.

Signs for Servicing Your Coolant System

Here are a few of the obvious symptoms that you are experiencing coolant system problems:

  • Steam coming from engine
  • Puddle of coolant on the ground
  • Temperature gauge in the red
  • Warning indicator on dash
If you experience any of these problems bring your vehicle to Acura of Honolulu and have your vehicle serviced by our highly-trained service professionals. We'll put you back on the road and driving safely.


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