Honolulu drivers who've invested in high-quality, all-season tires may think that they're getting the greatest possible amount of traction all throughout the year. Surprisingly, however, when the warmer months of late spring and summer arrive, all-season tires aren't always the best choice. At Acura of Honolulu, we're eager to help local motorists understand why summer tires offer the best performance on warm or excessively rainy days.

Summer Tires Have Additives That Significantly Improve Their Traction

Tires are comprised of a balanced mixture of rubber and special fillers. In summer tires, this mixture contains a variety of sticky additives. These additives make it far easier for summer tires to grip the road's surface, even when the streets are wet and slick.

All-Season Tires Are Designed With Longevity In Mind

?Despite what their name implies, all-season tires are largely designed with longevity in mind. These tires are meant to stand up to the different forms of wear and tear that each season brings, but they aren't guaranteed to offer the highest levels of overall traction and control all the time. To learn more about summer tires or to have your car or truck serviced by seasoned professionals, visit us at Acura of Honolulu today.


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