We have a goal at Acura of Honolulu to help drivers and pedestrians stay safe. Although Halloween is a fun-filled holiday, the Center for Disease Control reported that children are four times more likely to get hit by a vehicle on Halloween than any other time of the year. Below we've summarized a few tips to help you stay safe this Halloween.

Eliminate distractions when you're behind the wheel. Refrain from using your cell phone, and try not to reach for anything, such as snacks, until you are stopped. You can also drive about 5 mph slower than the speed limit, which will give you more time to stop if a child runs into the street.

When you're traveling through residential areas, be sure to obey all traffic signals. If you turn your headlights on during the day, then it will help you be seen by pedestrians. Also be sure to look out for children on medians, sidewalks, and curbs.



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