You're driving along at night, and, suddenly, you get a massive amount of glare coming out of your rearview mirror. A car has pulled behind you with its brights on. Before you can react, your rearview mirror starts to dim until there's minimal glare. Was it magic or technology? The car nerds here at Acura of Honolulu want to share the secret with you.

The trick is electrochromic gel. Most of the time, this gel is transparent. However, if it receives an electrical charge, it will start to darken due to oxidation-reduction.

Inside your rearview mirror, you will find the gel sitting between two pieces of glass. A special sensor can detect the glare. The sensor signals a special processor that then sends an electrical charge through the gel. This makes the gel darken, which makes the mirror "auto-dim." Take a test drive today and see this technology magic for yourself.



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