It can be easy to notice and replace damage on external vehicle components like tires or windows. Internal components can be harder to diagnose, and vehicle starters can be the toughest of all. Thankfully, vehicle owners who take note of a few basic signs can often diagnose and fix tricky starter issues.

Starter solenoids are special electro-mechanical devices that are crucial to starter operation. If starter solenoids fail to either conduct current or move, most vehicles engines fail to start. Drivers who notice strange clicking noises when they turn their keys may be facing solenoid issues.

Another common starter problem is over spin. This happens when special gears built into starters motors become worn and fail to fully engage with flywheel gears. When this occurs, harsh grinding noises are often the result. Continued use of such parts can cause significant damage, so car owners who hear grinding noises should take action right away.


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