What Exactly is Car Wax?

If you've taken your vehicle to a car wash, you may have wondered why you've been offered wax in addition to the actual wash. Wax is a protective barrier that can keep moisture, dust, and grime from penetrating your vehicle's exterior. At Acura of Honolulu, it's something that we recommend to anyone who wants to keep his or her car looking new for many years.

Wax used on vehicles can either be natural or synthetic. Some products are extracted from plants or other naturally found materials like coal, and others are made in factories. Whichever type you might use, you'll be giving your vehicle a way to repel water and keep other potentially harmful particles from collecting on it.

To make it easier to spread wax, most of the car waxes contain additional elements such as solvents or oils. This makes them softer, and you could either have a professional apply it or do it yourself at home.



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