How a Backup Camera Operates

If you are looking for a newer vehicle, you may have more advanced safety features. A backup camera is a safety feature we at Acura of Honolulu like to show our customers how to use. Whether you are parking at a football game or traveling out of town, a backup camera can help you see behind your car when you are in reverse.

These cameras help you see objects or people that are in the way as you are trying to reverse. They are also good for parking in the city. Some advances in technology today provides some vehicles with cameras around the car while you are driving to alert you if other vehicles are too close while you drive.

A display will show on the screen in your vehicle, so you can see behind the vehicle for parking, hooking up trailers, and ensuring that the driveway is clear. Backup cameras are a safety feature that has many uses and can help you feel better about knowing what's behind your vehicle.



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