When it comes to properly configuring vehicular towing setups, is important for vehicular operators to select components that match and complement each other. While at first glance they may not seem to have much in common, vehicle braking systems and tow hitch ratings are actually subtly connected. As such, drivers who carefully match the towing and the braking capacities of their vehicles will be setting themselves up for future successes.

Towing hitches come in several ratings, and some of these hitches are capable of supporting between 8,000 and 18,000 pounds of cargo. Getting this much weight going is often a simple task for many larger vehicles, but the brakes of such vehicles may not be up to the task of slowing such loads down. If drivers fail to use braking systems that are adequate to the tasks at hand, their stock brakes can suffer from serious issues such as liquefaction or outright failure.

To mitigate these possibilities, drivers who operate hitches of Class 3 or Class 4/5 level should always ensure that they have industrial capacity braking systems. Such systems may include extras such as engine braking capacity or even auxiliary air brakes. In addition, drivers can take extra steps such as acquiring large diameter and heat resistant brake rotors and pads, as these types of components better resist damages.



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