Is there anything that delivers a greater shock to the system than finding your car missing one morning? Anger often sets in. Owners wonder why their car -- out of so many on the street -- was stolen. To cut down on the chances of this situation playing out, always follow established tips to deter thieves.

Locking the car and keeping the windows rolled up eliminate a gift to would-be thieves. Don't assume you can leave the car unlocked while you run into the store. And definitely, don't leave a car running with the keys in the ignition unattended. Doing so asks for trouble. The same can be said of not installing a proper alarm.

Avoid leaving any valuables inside the car. A briefcase sitting in the backseat captures the attention of thieves. A thief might not stop at a break-in alone.

Choosing the right car involves picking one with a great security system along with other features. Our showroom at Acura of Honolulu is home to a solid selection of top cars, trucks, and SUVs.



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