Auto-dimming mirrors are truly one of the most innovative pieces of technology. They assist with driving safety everyday, but most people don't know how. Learning how auto-dimming mirrors work will help you appreciate them a lot more.

The purpose of auto-dimming mirrors is to overcome the Troxler Effect. This effect causes a blind spot in the driver's vision when presented with a bright light. The human eye reacts slower than the speed of the light. Thus, the eye may still register the light's sensation even after the other vehicle has left the scene.

Auto-dimming mirrors use electrochromism to combat the Troxler Effect. Two sensors are responsible for signaling that bright light exists. When this signal is receiving by a processing unit, it initiates a change in the composition of the electrochromic gel in the mirror. This causes the mirror to darken to absorb most of the bright glare. In the end, the driver's vision is not significantly affected.

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