Make Your Car Sparkle and Shine Once Again

Even the most well-maintained cars will end up with nicks and scratches to the paint thanks to the rigors of everyday driving. Fortunately, it is easy to touch up these imperfections and get your car looking just as new as the day you bought it. Tools such as micro-applicators and paint syringes are ideal for small touchup jobs. A spot-sanding tool and wax and grease removers are needed to fix scratches and paint chip irregularities. All of these tools are readily available at most auto parts stores.

The vehicle maintenance experts at Acura of Honolulu are well-equipped with the tools to make your car sparkle and shine again. Our team of professional associates welcomes the opportunity to help you to touch up the paint on your vehicle. We are standing by ready to answer your questions and to ensure you drive off of our lot feeling confident about your vehicle.



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