Common Myths Surrounding Motor Oil

You might have heard a lot of different things about motor oil through the years, and you might be curious to know which things are truth and which are fiction. We are here to clear up some of the common myths about motor oil that you might have been led to believe as truth.

You might have heard that motor oil is for sure bad and ready for a change when it is black in color. That is not always true as the oil will become black from use but the color does not necessarily signify anything bad. You might have been told over and over again that you must change your vehicle's oil before a road trip. That is only true if you will be on the trip when the oil comes due for a change.

Acura of Honolulu can help you figure out what is fake and what is true when it comes to motor oil. Come to our Honolulu location for help with your questions and for oil services.
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