Car Belts and Hoses Warning Signs of Failure

If the belts and hoses on your vehicle are close to failing, they tend to exhibit warning signs that will give you plenty of time to make the repair, if you know what to look for.

The hoses carry fluids from the engine to other parts and back, and need to be in top shape or leaks and then overheating will occur. The hoses usually will appear to have cracks on the surface or be very brittle. Feel for soft spots or bulges in the rubber too.

Belts must be in top form to easily power parts like the water pump or fans. Worn belts will slip, appear to be frayed, and make a squealing sound when the car is running.

At the first sign of trouble with the hoses or belts on the engine, bring the car to Acura of Honolulu so we can replace the parts and help you avoid a breakdown on the road.
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