Don't Lose Control of Your Vehicle in Wet Weather

Hydroplaning is when your car starts to slide on the road because the roads are wet. Driving too fast on badly worn tires can cause your car to hydroplane easily. If you are driving down the road and you feel like your car isn't gripping the road, it's time to slow down.

At Acura of Honolulu, we recommend having your tires rotated every 5,000 miles or so. This is generally done at routine oil changes. When you keep the tread on all four tires even, your vehicle will grip the road more easily.

If the weather gets bad and you are worried about hydroplaning, slow down and take your time. Watch out around corners, and avoid braking too abruptly. If visibility is a problem, take a time out and rest until the weather clears up a bit.

Whenever you find yourself driving in poor road conditions, take a break when necessary.
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