Your Starter Might Be Going Out

When your vehicle won't start in the morning when you are heading out for work, it definitely makes you feel depressed. You might assume you have a battery issue, but your car's starter might be bad instead.

Your vehicle has a starter solenoid. This part allows current from the battery to work the starter motor so that your car will turn over. If the starter solenoid is bad, your car will not start. If you hear your starter cranking, but it doesn't turn over, your starter gear is probably not making a connection with the flywheel. If you have a short in the starter, you may see smoke when you try to start your car.

If your car isn't starting correctly, contact the service department of Acura of Honolulu conveniently located in Honolulu. Service technicians will diagnose your vehicle's problem, and then they can repair or replace the problem parts as necessary.



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