Keep Windshield Wiper Fluid In Your Vehicle And Drive With Clear Visibility

Keeping your windshield clear for proper visibility is a critical safety factor. Some individuals prefer to fill the reservoir meant for windshield wiper fluid with water, but this can cause serious issues.

Windshield wiper fluid will not freeze at as high a temperature as water making it a safer option. When water sits in your windshield wiper fluid reservoir, it will become stagnant. This can enable the growth of dangerous bacteria, and become a health risk for the driver. The detergents and solvents contained in windshield wiper fluid are more effective at removing the dirt, grime and bugs often present on the windshield. If your windshield wiper fluid reservoir is allowed to remain empty, damage may be caused to the system. This can easily result in an expensive repair bill.

All of us at Acura of Honolulu want you to have a safe and happy driving experience. Keep your windshield wiper fluid reservoir filled with windshield wiper fluid and drive down the road with excellent visibility.
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