How Alternators Generate Current

Alternators generate enough power to run every electrical unit in a vehicle. The process of generating that power is called electromagnetism. To produce that power requires three principal parts and a voltage regulator.

  • The rotor consists of a magnet or a group of tiny magnets that spin inside the alternator housing within the confines of repeated windings of fine copper wire.
  • The copper wire assembly is called a stator. When the magnets spin against the stator, they create a magnetic field that generates an electrical current in the copper wiring.
  • The copper wires are connected to a diode. The diode converts the AC into a DC compatible with the voltage found in the battery.
  • The voltage regulator serves as a protector of the battery and other electric components in your vehicle. The voltage regulator will shut off current to the battery when the battery is fully charged.

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