Knowing When It's Time For Tire Replacement

The place where the “rubber meets the road” is one of the most important for car performance and driver safety. Spotting problems with tires that signal the need for replacements is relatively simple. Every driver in Honolulu should visually inspect their car’s tires on a regular basis, or whenever a change in the “feel” of driving a car shifts suddenly.

One of the simplest visual methods for tire inspection is standing in front of your car, while looking at each tire’s side walls. Any prominent bulges indicate weak spots from wear. Also, take note of the brand lettering on the tire. If the words and numbers are tough to read, it’s a good sign that the tire has reached its life limit. Be sure to notice any strong shaking in the steering wheel as you drive. This is a sure sign that tread separation is occurring.

If you need help to decide to replace tires, Acura of Honolulu can perform checks that are accurate. Tread depth, inner tire wall integrity, and uneven wear problems can be spotted by tire experts. Schedule a routine inspection today.
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