The Importance of Checking Your Tire Pressure

When it comes to the tires on your vehicle, pressure is important. If you drive your car around with tires that have low pressure, you are going to wear down your tires quickly. Tires that are not inflated properly are at risk to pop when driving down the road.

If you have your tire pressure light go on in the car, it's time to check the pressure of all four tires. Check your owner's manual to see what the correct pressure of your tires should be. Add air to any tire that isn't up to the right pressure.

In extremely cold temperatures, your tires can lose pressure. Take the time to add air to your tires when the pressure is low so that you don't risk getting stuck on the side of the road.

To have your tires checked, head to our service center at Acura of Honolulu to see if you need to purchase new ones.
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